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Molly & Daniels Elopement Wedding


elopement [ ih-lohp-muhnt ]


1: - an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married.

2: - an act or instance of a patient or person in care leaving a hospital, care facility, or safe area independently without notifying anyone


We are privileged enough to have photographed a good few weddings this year and honestly, thoroughly enjoyed ever single one. We’ve chosen to write a specific blog post about Molly & Daniel’s big day as it was very different to our normal requests and we think gives a good insight to what we can do in such a short space of time with limited guests and with a few fun ideas & props.

So back in April this year Molly & Daniel came to our studio to discuss their wedding day, as we invite all couples to come and meet with us before making any bookings. They had heard about us as one of Molly’s friends had previously booked us to shoot their wedding day. Originally, the couple were planning on a big wedding, full of friends and family and lavish celebrations. Yet after going through the costs, the logistics, the time it would take and a few other factors they decided they just wanted to be married. This really resonated with us its its very similar to our circumstances; we were the same, as long as we were together the rest didn’t matter, each other is all we needed.

Molly & Daniel’s plan was to get married in secret at St. Georges Hall in Liverpool on Wednesday 9th August at 10am as the couple were due to fly out on holiday to Greece that afternoon. None of their friends or family were going to find out until they returned home two weeks later. The ceremony was already booked, their “honeymoon” was in place, all that was needed was to discuss what we could do to help.

Firstly, witnesses were needed to sign their marriage documents and as nobody was to know about this secret wedding, the couple asked us. We were completely shocked yet honoured to do this and its still something that we tell other couples about. Molly & Daniel also wanted just a few shots from their ceremony and a few nice posed ones outside St Georges Hall. As we knew we’d be driving into town that day and knew we had a few hours to spend with them both we discussed going to a few places around Liverpool to get as many shots as we could so that there’d be a great selection from their special day.

The Big Day

We turned up at Molly & Daniel’s house about 9:30am as we’d arranged to drive them into Liverpool so we’d all arrive together for their ceremony. Due to a dress malfunction that had to be fixed by Daniel’s nan the night before, the cat had been let out of the bag to a couple of people (including Molly’s mum) that the pair were due to get married that day. However, the day was still to go ahead as agreed, no guests, just Molly, Daniel and us.

The ceremony was perfect, Molly laughed the entire time and it was over within a few minutes. After the vows were recited, rings were exchanged and the ceremony was signed, sealed and delivered with the customary “you may now kiss your bride” we were all done. Signatures were signed and we made our way outside to get some amazing photos.

With the wedding taking place on a Wednesday the main doors with the red carpet which you see on so many wedding photos outside of St Georges Hall wasn't available so we made use of the wonderful side of the building, with the majestic columns and the amazing views of Central Library & Walker Art Gallery. We knew Molly wanted to bring a few props for her photos, these included Mr & Mrs Sunglasses, Mrs O’Connor denim jacket and a customised pair of shoes.

We’d brought along some flowers, confetti cannons, bubble machine & mini champagne bottles as depending on the day we tend to always bring accessories which we think can add to photos. We spent a bit of time taking photos, having a great time along the way and then went for a much needed drink. Fast forward twenty minutes or so and we were back in the car heading towards the World famous Liverpool waterfront which as per usual, was full of people; locals and tourists alike congratulating Molly & Daniel on their special day. We asked the couple to do loads of different poses throughout the day, nothing too embarrassing or strenuous, just simple, effective and timeless.

We took loads more photos around the Liver Building and ended the day near the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. With so much quirky artwork around that area its a great place to get a final few snaps, arrive at a random bar, have a quick celebratory shot and get ready to go back home. After a few hours, glorious weather and a really great day out with our cameras full of amazing images, we headed home were we took a final couple of shots of Molly, Daniel & their adorable dog Daisy. The happy couple flew off to Greece later that day, are back home now and are made up with the final images we edited and sent to them.

The End

This blog is a very watered down version of the day, we could write a lot more and go into loads more depth in regards to this amazing wedding day but the reason we wanted to write specifically about this special couple and their perfect day was that it was different; things can be done the way you want them done and we were over the moon to be able to be there to witness it all happen.

As you can see there a few photos here. Everyone who books with us get their own password protected online gallery so that only you (and whoever you wish to share this password with) can see all of the final images. Molly & Daniel have been fantastic and allowed us to remove the password from their gallery so that everyone can see every photo we sent them taken from the few hours we spent with them. There was about 200 in all fully edited. Allowing us to do this so that we can show people what can be done in such a short space of time is really appreciated and we thank them both tremendously.

If you’d like to see their full gallery here is the link:

Thanks for reading and once again, many thanks & congratulations to Molly & Daniel for trusting us with your photographs on your big day and being apart of something truly special.

Chris & Nicola


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